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Strong security vital for great SEO

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Why is security important for SEO?

Topic: SEO Adelaide - Security Considerations

It is regularly reported that search engines penalise websites that have suffered security breaches.

Providers of SEO in Adelaide are no exception. Whether you know it or not, your website will be subject to regular online threats. The more valuable your data, the more effort is expended to get past your defences.

Once breached, you face lengthy SEO penalties. Why? Because search engines do not want to direct people to websites where they may be at risk.

SEO is also about building your brand. In Australia, the latest Optus breach is a timely reminder of the brand damage you can suffer is security is penetrated.

Boylen's SEO Adelaide Security Service includes:

  • Enterprise-grade performance and protection
  • Automatic SSL installation and renewal
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Conduct daily off-peak scans against industry vulnerability feeds
  • All datasets are encrypted in transit using industry best practice encryption cyphers
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF), powered by Global Edge Security (GES)
  • Advanced DDOS Mitigation

Boylen recommends installing and configuring Wordfence Premium, an additional security plugin to further secure the site against malware and cyber attacks, while enforcing 2FA for WordPress users.

If you are unsure how good your security is, it's not a task you should put off. Get clarity or find someone that can investigate how secure you really are.

If we can assist, please reach out and make contact with us. Our tech and SEO teams are always ready to help.

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