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Ceduna CR

Monday, August 12, 2013 10:55am

Two workshops, Wednesday looked at working with challenging students, how to organise class meetings and Thursday ipad cafe with a focus on mathematics.  Both went well.  Atmosphere seems to have improved in the school.

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Yirara CR

Monday, August 12, 2013 10:53am

Interesting day at Yirara, starting with the fire alarm going off.  Spent the day discussing why are you teaching, recognising what knowledge children bring to school, engagement, and classroom practise.  Interesting comments e.g. can't have beanbags as the children have nits.  Teachers seemed to have a lack of cultural awareness and don't go to the Indigenous staff members for advice.

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Ceduna CR

Monday, August 12, 2013 10:30am

Barb has resigned, Rom just started as Acting Principal.  Looked at behaviour management practises under the title of 'productive classroom environment'  PD went well apart from one negative teacher. Looked at the information from the parent meeting held earlier.  Jodie thanked me for the helpful information.

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LoxtonLutheran School

Wednesday, August 07, 2013 1:31pm

Spent an enjoyable day at Loxton.  Staff were really grateful for the visit and willing to engage.

Worked with some staff on current units of CS, particularly honing in on the role of essential questions to underpin units and keep it focussed.

Met with other staff to discuss accreditation and address queries in relation to this.  Some staff were unsure about which modules of Equip to enrol in as they were waiting to hear back from Anne about RPL.  I made contact with LEA and this was sorted during the visit.

Had some feedback about Equip (not all that postive sadly).  The teachers sharing were comparing the course to the Grad Cert in Catholic ed and felt that Equip was 'airy fairy'.

I explained the purpose was to develop teachers' pedagogical understandings as well as their theological understandings of Key Ideas that they would be teaching in CS.

Finished with a staff meeting on intentional teaching with the 'whole brain' in mind.  How can we structure our units to better cater for 'right brain' development?  We looked at ways of using iPads to cultivate and express creativity and shared ideas for incorporating these strategies into CS (and other KLA) units.


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Ocean Forest - TW

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 7:39pm

Sue and I spent the day at OFLS meeting with teachers, the CS Leader of the middle school and with the leadership team at the school. (The  CSL at the junior school was on leave.)

We were both encouraged by what we saw. Teachers displayed a genuine love of the children and classrooms were productive and well utilised spaces, showing evidence of inquiry based teaching practices.

Teachers were a little unsettled with the current leadership and talked of the many changes they had witnessed over the last couple of years. There was a feeling that a 'them and us' mentality existed with teachers expressing a reluctance to go to the staff room or approach the HOS or Principal with concerns.

CS was happening in all classrooms but time allocation needs to be reviewed as there is only currently 60 minutes timetabled each week.  JS Teachers expressed frustration at being confined to a 10 day, timetable constrained schedule. Despite this, they are making the best of it. 

Teachers in the middle school talked about the perception of OFLS in the community as a school that is not perceived as 'cool' to go to. They attributed this mentality to drop out rates in years 11 and 12 in particular.


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St Marks - TW

Monday, May 20, 2013 10:15am

Met with CSL, Principal, Deputy and all ALC graduates.

CSL (Anna Kotzikas) is keen to meet to discuss how planning can made consistent across the school.  Anna would like me to come back to work on planning with the whole staff at  a staff meeting/PD day.  She had a model in mind that she saw implemented at her time with LEQ.  THis however is in conflict with James's desire for the process to unfold.

Principal (James Heyne) is noticing some interesting 'cultural' things emerging as a result of the outgoing principal.  He is working hard to change the mentality of the staff to 'being told what to do' to having ownership of what is occuring.  For example, he would like the staff to have input into how they plan and arrive at a proforma for use together.  He would be more interested in Anna facilitating the process and me supporting Anna with this.

Deputy (Loredana Sarancini) is enjoying the change of leadership.  Loredana sat in on planning discussions with Anna and is happy to support the process.


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St John's Highgate - TW

Monday, May 20, 2013 10:05am

Visited St Johns on Wednesday 15 May.  Met with Andrew Bradtke (PYP/Curriculum Coordinator), Libby Reue (CSL) and Michael Paech.

I have some concerns about the way CS is being done at the school.  There is no time release for the CSL, no leadership points, no staff meetings about it and the scope and sequence has not been updated since 2008.  Both the CSL and Curriculum Coordinator are confident that CS is happening in the classrooms but as to what units look like and how they are being taught are not known.

Michael knows that CS needs to be put back on the agenda but is finding the demands of the PYP, AC and work with teacher standards to be taking a lot of his time. 


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Our Saviour - TW

Monday, May 20, 2013 9:56am

Had a productive visit to OSLS.  Despite intital concerns, I feel confident that CS is on the radar at the school.  (Pathways is happening, teachers are registered to do Equip and ALC graduate is being supported).  Whilst there, I met with Principal, CSL, ALC graduate and Equip participants.

Amanda MacDonald is new to both the CSL role and the school this year and has taken a little while to settle into her role.  We talked about her goals for the year, how Lexicon works and accreditation requirements.

Linda is working some long hours at the moment (after Anne Marschall leaving to take up Principalship at Angaston).  She also has also had quite a high turnover of staff with the entire upper primary dept being staffed with new teachers to the school and in some cases, teaching.  Despite this Linda is upbeat, energetic and optimitic about the future.


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Navigator - SK

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 10:04pm

My school visit focus was to support ALC graduates and conduct an interview for one of the graduates to get their Ac status.

I met with 10 staff during the day for blocks of time to support the teachers with ideas and listening about their CS units of work (Years 1, 2, 4/5, 7, 8, 9, 10) . This time was valuable for the teachers as we collaborated, shared ideas, and teachers seemed positive about their CS units.

Sarah is a genuine and effective CS leader but as PYP coordinator has other responsibilities as well as CS. LEXiCON has been neglected - lots of recording to happen and Sarah is now aware of this.

Meeting up with Kaye at Navigator I find is always difficult. She is overly busy, has various meetings and struggles to give me time when I am on site.

A concern I have left with .... Navigator are already busy with PYP, MYP, Australian Curriculum, Teacher Standards, service learning. Today I found that there are more layers ... they have their first Year 12 class, with a retreat and the formal this week. Indonesian visitors were on site and a cultural evening was happening that night. Also - Navigator have committed to the Knowledge Community (as per GSLC) as well. I sensed too much going on for Kaye and the leadership team, and then I wonder how staff are really feeling and coping with everything. I'd be interested to know if anyone else finds this as well.

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LWLS - Alice SK & TW

Tuesday, April 09, 2013 9:54pm

Equip Modules 1 and 8 were facilitated:

  • Tori – Module 1 had 5 participants.
  • Sue – Module 8 had 14 participants

We will investigate options for Module 9 to happen online before October

We met with Ingeburg Dell'Antonio. She is settling very well and is a very positive and energetic person in the leadership team. Her aim is to network and get to know her staff; she is respected by the teachers and has a genuine heart for Lutheran education.

LWLS is investigating the PYP. Tori and I are not convinved that the motivation is coming from the right people; there are some personalities in the Leadership Team who may not be the right staff for supporting and coordinating the PYP.

Some interesting observations shared about the LW Principal during our time in Alice... please see us for more information if you want to know more.


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Ipad project at Ceduna

Monday, April 08, 2013 3:58pm

REX flight delayed, leaving only 2 hours to do a full day's preparation. 

Internet (Wifi) extremely slow, ended up having to hotspot to get apps downloaded.

Upside, teachers were extremely positive, they stayed for an extended staff meeting, those teachers not rostered on still came for the staff meeting.  Some started to use imovie the next day and were enthusiastic.

Staff meeting the 2nd day, again teachers were enthusiastic and participated well.  Some had already started to download free apps.

Barb wants them to use only a few apps to get use to them but I don't think this will happen.  They looked like they will fly with them.

If going across to Ceduna please use ipads and incorporate the methodology into your presentations.







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Good Shepherd LS, Angaston

Friday, April 05, 2013 11:51am

Principal Induction follow up.  Anne coping well.  Staff really supportive.  Great atmosphere at the school.

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Friday, April 05, 2013 11:50am

Met with Judy Kleinig, Indigenous Personalised Learning Plans are being developed for all students.

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St Paul's Blair Athol

Friday, April 05, 2013 11:46am

Great working with Bec and Karen from Good Shepherd Para Vista.

Aboriginal perspectives have been embedded across all the Units of Inquiry.

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Friday, April 05, 2013 11:44am

Students look sad,  visiting the classes lots of handout sheets used.

Staff meetings are great, lots of interesting discussion.  Showed examples of good teaching practices.

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Angaston, Units of Inquiry

Friday, April 05, 2013 11:42am

Teachers at Angaston will all extremely positive.  New teachers great. 


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Tatachilla - SK

Thursday, March 21, 2013 9:38pm

I visited Grant Wildman at Tatachilla on Thursday 21 March.

We discussed many areas of Grant’s role, including challenges, in-servicing of CS staff, Coneqt, Year 12 seminars, LEA CS survey, upcoming PDs, Year 9 PD, CSLD ideas, LExICON.

Grant’s goals 2013:

  • Review Year 9 course material and decrease use of Rite Journey by end of semester 1
  • Focus on Year 8 material in semester 2, especially inclusivity
  • Explore capabilities of Coneqt for students and staff
  • Development of Year 12 seminar forums over year

CS Teaching staff for semester 1:  CS team of 17 staff consisting of 3 x ALC graduates, 7 x Equip graduates, 4 x working through Equip and 3 x no Equip or training in CS at this stage. THIS SCHOOL HAS MADE STRONG COMMITMENT TO EQUIP.

Equip follow up: Several staff needing to collate portfolios, attend 1 module (Therese, Tyson, Scott, David)


  • Strong, clear vision for Christian Studies at Tatachilla and its relevance for students
  • Commitment and dedication to the CS role
  • A positive relational person leading the CS team
  • Large percentage of CS staff have completed ALC or Equip, or doing Equip

In progress:

Equip – continued follow up of staff finishing Equip



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Immanuel College - SK

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 10:46pm

The wheels are turning ....

I met with Andrew Dewhirst on Tuesday 19 March 2013, as C&L leader.

LExICON and Accreditation - We spent time looking at LExICON to clarify the various levels of accreditation held by XL staff at Immanuel.Some updating needed.

C&L teachers: Team of 21 staff consisting of 5 x ALC graduates, 0 x Equip graduates, 2 x working through Equip and 14 x no Equip or training in CS at this stage. Concerning lack of engagement and commitment to PD support of C&L teachers. Strong Christian education focus but question Christian Studies commitment.

Year 7 - Andrew is keen for the Year 7 C & L teachers to attend Equip at the LSA office this year; students at Year 7 have 1 lesson for C & L and a second lesson for Peer Support. Time inadequate as LEA documents state a minimum of 90 minutes per week.

Andrew keen to make contact with other LSA MYP – Christian Studies leaders/teachers. There are 4 in the LSA region.

Andrew’s goals - Consolidation of the C & L leadership role and work from last year. He made a lot of suggestions and small changes last year and is keen to follow through and continue supporting these in 2013.


  • Christian commitment and dedication to Lutheran education
  • A positive relational person

For development

  • LExICON – access and understanding of the data recorded for Accreditation
  • Involvement of C & L staff at Equip to support their teaching and learning in Christian Studies


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Endeavour - SK

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 10:40pm

I met with Dale and Josh for XL leadership support on Monday 18 March 2013.

LExICON and Accreditation - We spent time using LExICON to clarify the various levels of accreditation held by XL staff at Endeavour. Some adjustments may be needed in LExICON; time spent on this was important and needs further follow up by others in LSA team as appropriate.

Teaching staff: For semester 1:  XL team of 8 staff consisting of 2 x Equip graduates, 1 x ALC graduate, 3 x working through Equip and 2 x no Equip or training in CS.

Dale’s goals

  • Being aware that the Year 8-10 curriculum is more structured, Dale is keen for Year 11 electives to continue to provide choice and meet interest levels of students, as experiences are positive.
  • Develop a positive faculty team
  • Familiarity with XL and the leadership role

Josh’s goals

  • Tidy up curriculum documentation
  • Continue mapping planned and actual key ideas covered across year levels

For term 3 visit - A second school visit to coincide with an XL faculty meeting – possibly to provide PD support in the assessment of XL with staff, as several are finding this challenging.

Dale – queried textbook support for CS teachers as a guide, which I found concerning. We discussed importance of CSCF documents being used to support teachers theologically and with curriculum documentation, as well as LIFE resource material and LEAdr units of work. I hope his Equip experience will change his thinking.


  • Commitment, enthusiasm by Dale and Josh in their new roles
  • Wanting to support XL teachers – particularly with developing assessment in XL that assesses student learning
  • Identification of a series of manageable goals for 2013

For development

  • LExICON – access and understanding of the data recorded for At and Ac
  • Familiarity with LEAdr material on the website.


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Visit to Good Shepherd Angaston - TW

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 10:29am

Met with Anne for induction as well as with Kait (CSL).

As in a lot of PYP schools, embedding Christian Studies units into units of inquiry is being done to varying degrees of success.  To ensure that the integrity of CS in its own right is not compromised, we discussed the possibility of using ‘addendums’ which could be attached to units of inquiry, so that teachers are better able to track the deep understandings being made in related CS units, without running the risk of these ‘getting lost’ in the learning being undertaken throughout units of inquiry. That way the CS units and Units of Inquiry stay strongly linked yet clearly identifiable in their own right.

Kait is really enjoying her role as Worship coordinator, and is committed to ensuring worship is of value in the school.  However, she is finding that it is rather time consuming and it doesn’t leave much time to fulfil the obligations of her CSL role.   I have encouraged Kait to see herself as a leader in her school and has having a really valuable role in supporting the teaching and learning programs at Good Shepherd.   I also encouraged Kait to continue lifting the profile of CS and perhaps even using some of the material from CS Leader days with staff back at the school.

Anne is settling into her role despite finding some of the 'processes' in place a little interesting.

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Tanunda Lutheran School - TW

Thursday, March 14, 2013 7:53pm

I called into TLS on my way home from St Johns, Eudunda. It was great to catch up with Darren and see the school. I was particularly interested to see the new ELC and was thrilled to see how they have been embracing Reggio philosophy.

I urged DS to think about embracing inquiry based pedagogy throughout the rest of the school as it would support the strong foundation being laid in the ELC.

Both the director and DS expressed disappointment that no one from LSA had been to see the ELC in action.

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St Johns - Eudunda TW

Thursday, March 14, 2013 10:47am

Met wtih Hayley CSL - Hayley is committed to supporting the teachers with Christian Studies but is mindful of their workload and fitting in around the requirements of the PYP. This is quite a common issue in PYP schools.  I explained that as Lutheran schools it is really important that what makes us ‘Lutheran’ doesn’t become lost and we touched briefly on maybe documenting learning and assessment of CS on addendums –especially where CS units overlap with Units of Inquiry.  This will need further discussion with Hayley (and most likely Coralee) as it can take a while to process and then come up with a model that works for your specific context.  It is a journey that would definitely be worthwhile going on.  I think in the long run, it would be most beneficial for teaching staff.

Hayley shared her goals of the role with me; including the sharing of units happening more often, continuing to use the IB planner when planning units of work and once completing them, storing them centrally on the network for access by each other if necessary.

I would really love to see Hayley’s confidence as a CS leader develop and I encouraged her to try some of the ideas we did at the CS Leaders day with her staff.  She is initimidated by Coralee and is worried about stepping on Coralee's toes with staff PD. Therefore it doesn't always happen.

It is great that Paula supports the CS Leader at the school so whole heartedly as this support does not come cheaply. Hayley is very appreciative of being released to attend CS Leaders Days and finds these days of value.

Also met with Paula - was good to hear how she is travelling. She finds some of the staff who have been there for a while quite challenging and is worried about the upcoming impact of Faith's decision to implement middle schooling on enrolments.



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St Michael's - TW

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 8:17pm

Meeting with CSL (Jayne Zadow) and Deputy Principal (John Dow)

I did join theschool community for Chapel prior to meeting with the CSL and Deputy, which was a wonderful experience as there was a baptism occuring. Hopefully the significance of this event was followed up back in classrooms.

Re: Jayne Zadow

I spent some time with Jayne affirming her in her new role as CSL.  She is attacking the role with enthusiasm and commitment and it was a delight to spend some time discussing her work in this capacity.  Although Jayne is appreciative of the flexible nature of her timetable and has lots of ideas for supporting teachers with their Christian Studies units, she is sensing a block from the teaching staff as she is not directly involved with the teaching of CS units. She feels the staff at the school are questioning her credibility to adequately support them with their units. We explored some ways of addressing this.

We spent some time going through Lexicon, familiarising her with the database and making sure she understood the requirements of the teachers who are yet to attain their relevant accreditation status.

We also had some preliminary discussions regarding how the IB Learner Profile and Attitudes can be emphasized without compromising the values that all Lutheran schools stand for (see A Vision for Learners and Learning in Lutheran Schools document). As there are a number of IB Lutheran schools in the LSA, I would value Jayne’s ongoing input and creative way of thinking about this issue.

I would also like Jayne’s input into the next CS Leaders Day where Leaders will be exploring the importance of providing a balance between left brain and right brain approaches to teaching and learning.  I would like Jayne to lead a ‘right brain friendly’ devotion which we also spent time exploring. 

Re: John Dow

John and I have been put in charge of the next Beginning Teachers Day which operates under the auspices of the Deputies hub group.  John is most efficient and we were able to prepare the outline for this day which is scheduled to occur on Friday, May 10. 

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Redeemer Visit - TW

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 7:46pm

I had arranged to meet with CSL after the Deputies Meeting at Redeemer on 14 March.  Due to attending a funeral on behalf of LSA, I missed this particular meeting.  Despite corresponding with MK  to let her know I would still be arriving as planned after lunch, the message wasn't relayed to the CSL, who was out of the school for 30 mins or so after I had arrived. 

When she finally arrived back at the school, she was surprised to see me but the time was spent productively reviewing the school's accreditation progress, LEXiCON and looking at some of the struggles that are occuring in CS units. It was a pleasure working with her. She showed great enthusiasm for her role and a genuine desire to generate inquiry driven, rich Christian Studies units. We discussed the possibility of using ‘addendums’ which could be attached to units of inquiry, so that teachers are better able to track the deep understandings being made in related CS units, without running the risk of these ‘getting lost’ in the learning being undertaken throughout units of inquiry. That way the CS units and Units of Inquiry stay strongly linked yet clearly identifiable in their own right.

I also spent some time with Yoon-Ah showing her around the Lexicon database and explaining the LEA’s accreditation requirements to her.  I understand from talking to you and Michelle that updating Lexicon and managing accreditation is mainly Michelle’s role; however a working knowledge of this will greatly assist Yoon-Ah to ensure she is able to best support teachers on developing quality CS units and UOIs.


Upon leaving the school, I briefly popped into SW and MK who were in a meeting.  MK seemed a bit put out that I had spent time talking to the CSL about accrediation requirements and stated that 'it was her job' at the school.  I clarified this understanding with AD.  AD emphasized the importance of the CSL having this information in order to best  support the teachers with CS units and ensuring she is best supporting teachers on developing quality CS units and UOIs.

The leadership model at the school appears to be limited to the Principal and Deputy and did not reflect at this visit, the important contribution the Curriculum Coordinator/CSL.  Yoon-Ah is feeling frustrated by this. She believes she has sacrificed a lot to take the next step in leadership - and she is not being given the opportunities to participate fully in the leadership at the school.


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Concordia Kindy Visit - TW

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 7:35pm

Visited Concordia Kindy to learn more about the Early Years context and talk to Lynette Schiller about the specific needs of teachers and directors.  This was with the purpose of scaffolding support to assist them with their professional development needs in CS.

There is the possibility of linking in with the kindies' retreat in June and opening up a session to other educators of Early Years (from ELCs, CCC's etc.) 

Also met with Helen Wicker to hand back/discuss her portfolio.  She has now fulfilled the requirements of Ac.  I talked to her about her experiences with Equip and filmed a short Q&A about the Equip process on my iPad.  Helen was very positive about Equip and particularly enjoyed the time spent with other Early Years teachers at the various modules.  

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Navigator - SK & TW

Wednesday, March 06, 2013 10:26pm

Sarah (CSL) attended the CSLD at the LSA office. Lots of sharing and networking. She met Stuart (SDL) re Pathways and PD. Emailed thanks to Kaye for this support.

Tele-conference on 5 March with Kaye and Sarah to discuss 2013 plans:
School visit 30 April (Sue), Equip on July 3 & 4 (with Crossways staff joining in Module 10 to present their portfolios) and then second school visit term 3 by Tori. ALC graduate interviews - Jenni on 30 April and Bec 3 July.

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Good Shepherd Lutheran School

Monday, February 25, 2013 9:23am

Worked with Karen Schoff on the Units of Inquiry, great working with someone dedicated to ensuring the Units were inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and culture.

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St Paul Lutheran School - CR

Monday, February 25, 2013 9:20am

Worked with Bec Mattner on Units of Inquiry, excellent time with a person dedicated to getting the Units up to date with inclusive information.

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Meeting at St Paul - TW

Friday, February 22, 2013 10:17am

Met with Principal, Deputy and CS Leader to discuss the role of CS at the school.

Discussed accreditation requirements and the difficulties the school is facing in supporting new teachers with faith development as many come from backgrounds which are not Christian or Lutheran.

I acknowledged the importance EQUIP plays in this process and commended the school on their commitment to ensuring their new staff are supported to gain accreditation. 

We talked about buddying up staff with little background in this area with staff with more mature faith.  Also discussed the possibility of running a bible study program that unpacks the basics about Christianity with thses staff such as Alpha??  This particular program is not endorsed by LSA but may provide a good starting point.  (Spiritual Pathways has been undertaken but is not quite meeting the school's needs).

CSL shared her work in developing a Christian Studies policy. She had shared this with staff at staff meeting and there was some vigourous discussion around the worship part of the document that talked about the 'appropriateness' of including confession. This was a bit contentious amongst staff.  The leadership team were interested in hearing what the LSA thinks about this.  I said this was very much a school decision and what is appropriate in one context may not be in another. 



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Indigenous ed at Crossways

Thursday, February 21, 2013 10:35am

Term 1 - My focus was on teaching programs:

posted by Christine

R,1,2 very much teacher directed.  Limited play activities.  Each week a different focus.  Maths and music straight from a text book, each week another chapter with page numbers. Art activities also teacher directed e.g. make a plasticine fruit bowl, make an Easter bonnet using a template and decorations provided. Christian studies has a different topic each week with limited chance to expand ideas. All students being taught at the same level.

3,4,5 provided great learning experiences for the students. Children encouraged to work at their level and expand.  Key questions were great, lot of student participation in developing lessons encouraged. Tasks were well explained. Assessment was student focussed.

Senior School also very much teacher directed with a heavy focus on spelling. Inquiry limited. Student participation limited.

Staff meeting - talked about their literacy programs.  So far no group work happening.  Silent reading is happening, children are suppose to be following the 'right fit' program.  Choosing books that they can read without help but many students seem to be choosing books they like the look of and flicking them through rather than actual reading.  More explicit teaching needs to happen here. Showed teachers how to link to Slide share and Pinterest.  Went through an integrated unit of work based on patterns. I asked them to consider the following statement.  'We have to stop asking "How can I teach this?" and start asking "How can they learn it?" (Vicki Davis)

Observations in the Junior school - lot of time wasting.  Took 1/2 hour to get the students into a circle, be quiet and eat fruit.  No learning activity happening during this time.  Children spent a lot of time cleaning up after play. Consequently reading time was only a few minutes.

Jodi used her musical skills to teach the students about vowels and consonants.  Majority of the students were engaged. Jodi also worked with the students on her non working day as she wanted them to have consistency in the work she had organised.

Internet and computers are not very good.  They also have a blocker that doesn't allow Pinterest or Youtube.

Some of the teachers are trying to put the work they have always done and the methodologies they have previously used into the Inquiry model thus turning it into work they are comfortable with but doesn't support student learning.

This quote summerise much of what I read over the last two days.  'Having a beautiful lesson plan without substance is like wearing lipstick to the dentist, what is the point? (Tweeted to me by Vicki Davis)

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Tatachilla - SK & TW

Sunday, February 17, 2013 4:48pm

Tori and I visited Tatachilla to meet with and return portfolios to Grant W, Adam P and Peter C. Different sense of leadership from Grant at these meetings.

Met with Neil to hear his perspective of CS and discuss CSL for Junior school.

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Thursday @ Angaston

Friday, February 15, 2013 9:19am

Aboriginal Education by Christine

Staff meeting at Angaston, vibrant group of teachers, excited with learning.  Asked lots of questions, great to be with them.

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Navigator - SK & TW

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 10:48pm

We have had difficulty finding commitment from KMC towards Equip. Reluctantly we have now been given 2 dates for Mod 9 and 10.

Working very hard to get Sarah (CSL) to the CSLD; she has something to offer to the system and we want to set up a connection between her and Laura (GSLC).

Question support of accreditation (Pathways and Equip) and LEA requirements by leadership; Nev facilitated several Pathways sessions with staff but unsure what Navigator leadership follow up has been.

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St Andrew LCCC - TW & SK

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 10:46pm

Tori and I visited the Childcare centre, to meet the staff and have a brief tour of the facilities.

Met with Zoe Daniels - Director and Grace - 2IC

Zoe shared some of her goals

* implementing EYLF effectively as they are now into 3rd year of implementation.

* bring staff up to speed with implementation of ELYF

* address compliance regulations.


Networking with other directors in Darwin is a strength and she appears to understand the importance of this.

She has had regular conversations with Damon and knows Lyn Pokela through her previous job in  OSHC.

She has concerns about the impact of the ELC on LCCC, in terms of support for the teacher at the ELC understanding the ELYF, meeting compliance regulations etc.


Centre looks like it would benefit from a financial injection.

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SALS Darwin - TW & SK

Wednesday, February 06, 2013 1:09pm

Tori and Sue visited SALS, met with Damon for a block of time.

ELC - SALS take over this facility on 29 Jan 2013; Damon has spent many days trying to understand the requirements for having this on site, familiarisation with accreditation of ELCs, EYLF, policies, procedures and appointing staff.

School visit St Andrew

Staff week (various PD including Equip with majority of staff).

Just beginning ELC next week as an arm of SALS on Jan 29th.

Staffing was finalized in mid January.


Class structure for 2013

T/1 (Sharnee),  1/2 (Angela -new), 3/4(Rachel) , 5/6 (Matt- leaving in Sem 2) Going ok with Aust Curric.


Staff are using inquiry and are generally making good progress with it.


Maths is a focus KLA. Just started Origo Maths. (Brisbane based).


Share a business manager with GSLC


ELC - not feeling ready to start - may consider an admin assistant perhaps 0.2 FTE.

Lutheran childcare centre - 8985 4170 - Zoe Daniels


ELC - teacher - Gemma Hickinbotham

Director - Damon in addition to Principal.


Goals:  ELC operating in a viable, sustainable manner. ( At least numbers in the mid 20's.) Teachers consolidating curriculum pedagogy and practice.


Enrolment numbers  to reach 90-100. (Meaning a 5th class).


Get classrooms using iPads (10 each year level over the next couple of years).


Damon has a vision for a large performing arts space down the track to be used for whole school events, community activities, wet weather space etc.


Transition/Yr 1 teacher requires CS support as she is feeling anxious about her lack of knowledge in this area. Damon and Rachel T?


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Crossways day 2 and 3 workshops

Tuesday, February 05, 2013 2:55pm

Key themes and key questions were discussed.  Tracey, Rom and Lois have no idea as to a key question.  They were offering closed questions, no inquiry at all.

Some of the themes (topics) quite basic, more work needed on them.

Literacy block again caused problems for Tracey, Rom and Lois.  They had difficulty understanding the concept.

Jodi and Terena flew with the ideas.  Great activities developed by them.

Indigenous Personal Learning Plans need to be started and working by the end of this year.  Time line established for the rolling out of the IPLPs

Lois had the most difficulty in coming to terms with the work changes.

Lots of discussion with Rom to help him develop the planning required.

At the end of the three days, Jodi was enthused and wanted more information and planning.


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Tuesday, February 05, 2013 1:41pm

Responses from teachers at Crossways during the first workshop I held. (January 23rd)

Setting Goals for student learning

Reflexivity is about thinking and rethinking issues from your point of view and the point of view of every other member of the group with which you are working and then acting to achieve improved outcomes for everyone.

What does being a reflexive teacher mean for you as a teacher?

Staff Responses

  • Know the students
  • Know the student’s background
  • Accommodate learning styles and interests
  • Sense of belonging
  • Avoid labelling of students
  • Avoid Assumptions
  • Be flexible with thinking
  • Admitting mistakes and lack of knowledge
  • Learning partnerships
  • Valuing students knowledge and communicating this
  • Accepting uniqueness and giftedness of each other
  • Recognition
  • Supportive
  • Reciprocal relationship
  • Ownership

What does this mean for the students in your care?

  • Valued
  • Feel more ownership
  • Empowered
  • Broader world view
  • Confidence
  • Empathy
  • Accepting of other points of view
  • Tolerant
  • Broader perspective

Virtual School Bag
Full of things the children have already learnt

Identify and name the knowledges, skills, capacities, language(s), experiences and interests children already have and to think about the ways children might make use of these in learning new practices.

  • Understanding of difference
  • Responsibility
  • Family relationships
  • Roles
  • Peer tutoring
  • Knowledge of family
  • Bush awareness
  • Cultural knowledge
  • Cultural boundaries
  • Family boundaries
  • Capacity to learn via communication, modelling
  • Good at justification/manipulation
  • Coastal knowledge
  • Physical abilities
  • Self management
  • Technology knowledge
  • Rich communication, both verbal and non verbal
  • Identity
  • Language
  • Country
  • Values
  • Spirit world

How can we as teachers value and use the ‘Virtual School Bag’ of our students

  • Getting to know them
  • Giving them responsibility e.g. peer tutoring, job monitors, classroom rules, excursion rules
  • Children setting expectations and consequences
  • Students setting own goals (Indigenous Personal Learning Plans)
  • Prior knowledge, learning interests
  • Sharing learning journey
  • Following students interests
  • Reflexive planning

What connects my class together?

  • Trust
  • Love
  • Christ permeates
  • Every child is a unique individual
  • Knowing each other
  • Friendships
  • uniforms

This sounds good but the following days responses didn't really match what was written here.

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Changing culture

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 12:19pm

After some school visits, changes in roles for 2013, restructuring and staffing ... an interesting observation after a lengthy discussion with an experienced practitioner:

How do we get SA Lutheran schools to seek suitable staff from outside of their current staff group, and to deepen and grow the quality of teachers and leaders? The opportunity (for eg.) for CS leaders in NT, WA, Qld, etc to win CS leadership positions in SA is rarely available. Lots of LEQ CS positions recently advertised, but few (none?) in LSA schools this year. So I ask why? I challenged one school ... they were a little negative about the quality of CS teachers in their school and had recently advertised for staff for 2013 but CS did not appear at all so I questioned this leader... Another school has recently appointed internally, and just said that 'CS leaders aren't around' - 10 mins later I found myself talking to a relief teacher who has substantial experience in LEQ schools and is seeking permanent employment in CS or leadership  .... 

What are our schools missing with regards to recruitment or wanting to improve staff? Interested to know if this is across the board in SA schools.



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Hmmm ...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 12:17pm

Am I the only one doing these posts?


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Endeavour - SK

Monday, October 29, 2012 12:09pm

School visit to support CS (or XL) at Endeavour. Tertia finishes as CS leader in 2012 after 4 years in this role.

Josh Champion (8-10) and Dale Gosden (11,12) to take over this role from 2013. Lots of energy and ideas for Josh; his challenge will be to identify small, achievable goals and work gradually rather than make major changes in a short time. Dale is observing and asking lots of questions at this stage; nothing to change with Year 11,12 next year but he is keen to know what other schools do and why.

Tertia to exit Equip this year; Catherine Stanley also to exit at Module 6. There is a need for more teachers to be doing Equip in 2013, so Josh and Dale have been encouraged to take this up from 2013 and also ensure all XL teachers at Endeavour complete modules 1 and 2 as a minimum in 2013.

Sue K

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Unity College - SK

Friday, October 26, 2012 12:00pm

School visit for ALC graduate interview (Rebecca Heynen) and Equip 2011 follow up (Walter Chatindiara).

Rebecca's interview went really well - she is a good practitioner and keen to learn and improve. Planning of CS units could be done differently ... with the year level team first in a brainstorming session, then planning by 1 person, then regroup to discuss and collaborate further to refine CS unit. Rebecca keen for this to happen. Also identified need to scope and sequence CS at Unity in JS.

Walter's discussion was good. As a teacher, he likes to control his class and is very uncertain as to how to 'let go' and allow students to learn, investigate and explore concepts they are interested in. Walter knows that the students do not open up in his classes at all, and is unsure how to get this to happen. We discussed ways for him to gather student questions and allow them to drive the unit of work, as he currently does not do this. I would like to see him do classroom visits with other teachers (eg. Matt, Benjamin, Travis) and change some of his practices in the future. Little inquiry happening at all. Potential for Benjamin to be a key support person in growing Walter's confidence in inquiry, teaching CS (and other curriculum areas), and taking some risks to engage and connect with students.

Sue K

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Peter Vardy PD - SK

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 11:54am

An excellent PD for any teachers of Christian Studies in Lutheran Schools, but also would have been relevant for school Pastors and chaplains.

Interesting to observe that Lutheran school CS leaders tend to be significantly younger than others present on the day. With this may come more energy, greater connection with children's lives/interests, and more relevant art/music/movies used in classrooms.

For future: we need to strongly encourage greater representation of our CS teachers and leaders at these days. Opportunities to network more widely in Adelaide are rare, so we need to access them, support them and grow from them as a system. Our leaders and teachers are doing great things, and we can be proud of the achievements in many of our schools.


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Tatachilla - SK

Friday, October 19, 2012 11:47am

I visited Tatachilla for CS support to meet with Grant and later Penny, and several other CS teachers.

Bethany - ALC graduate; she had a draft of her portfolio to show me. I will return to do her interview on 14 Nov as she was very anxious and not ready to present.

An area of concern - many Tat CS teachers have resubmissions owing for CS after completing Equip 2011, 2010. This is making follow up and movement through Ac status very difficult, long and frustrating. School follow up action hasn't been evident. With a change in CS leadership for 2013 so that Grant supports Year 7-12, I am hoping things will be different.

Pathways Spiritual is happening mid-late term 4.


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NT centre

Friday, October 12, 2012 11:44am

Anne and I facilitated Equip Module 2 and 6 at Living Waters, Alice Springs for teachers from LWLS and Yirara.

Very positive response from staff, engaged and appreciate the support provided by both of us in the area of Equip and Christian Studies.

Sue K

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Unity College - SK

Friday, September 21, 2012 12:29pm

I visited Unity on 14 September.

Strengths from the visit:

  • Positive feedback from several staff about Benjamin’s leadership in CS; he seems aware of what is happening across his faculty, and with his staff. CS faculty meetings are taken more seriously by staff
  • Commitment by the teachers I met with, to complete Equip and their portfolio

Areas for development:

  • Getting the right combination and balance of CS teachers in the Year 6/7 team
  • Leadership or theological training for Benjamin as CS leader

After some discussion, follow up emails and phone conversations, Benjamin will apply for the Deputy role at LWLS (Alice).

Rob D very concerned about the Year 7 teaching team and the exiting enrolments from this student group for 2013.




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Loxton School Council - RW

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 7:31pm


Visit by Rod to Loxton LS - Sep 18th 2012


  • RW presented to school council re student 'one to one' computer options with particular attention to iPads for students


  • The 'Future Classroom' & Learning Models associated with innovative one to one schools
  • What can an iPad do
  • What can students and teachers do when they have an iPAd each
  • Implementation and funding models
  • Implementation timelines
  • Plenty of questions ...


  • That the school now formally investigate parent direct funding models for one to one student iPADS. 
  • That years 4-7 be initially considered. 
  • Implementation in 1st or 2nd term 2013 be considered/planned for
  • Parent meeting to be held early next term - RW to present
  • Classroom/Staff iPads to be purchased asap and staff development to commence  during Term 4 2012


  • Positive discussion with common vision/goals/intent obvious
  • Council very supportive of Terry and teachers
  • iPads likely to be rolled out early 2013 - will be a significant project/outcome for the school

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GSPS Angaston Staff iPad Training - First experiences

Friday, September 14, 2012 8:21pm

Staff iPad Training - First experiences

RW and Viano Jaksa (LeetGeek) delivered staff iPads and delivered initial setup and training to all staff.

Positive afternoon. Lots of enthusiasm.

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Spring Head CS Unit Planning - AD/RW

Thursday, September 13, 2012 8:28pm

PART 2 of Visit by Anne to Spring Head to continue unit planning work with class teachers

AD and RW talked to teachers, students and Tori with regard inquiry, questions, unit planning and the innovative use of iPads - as it pertains to CS at the school.


  • Students were actively engaged in teams to create a video of a Bible story.
  • Students were able to articulate clearly what they were doing and achieving; how the iPads were helping them create and learn and what were the positives of using technology to assist learning
  • Students found it hard to articulate the meaning of the stories considered. This seemed to be a teaching issue rather than a technology/activity issue
  • Some evidence in conversation that teachers were not totally across the meaning of the stories. Anne was able to provide some strategies and resources
  • After discussion with Tori, a commitment was given to work further with the teachers on developing their question developing tequnique in relation to achieving understanding and meaning


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SK: CS at Immanuel

Thursday, September 13, 2012 1:04pm

Visit to Immanuel College 23 Aug 2012 - Sue Kupke

I have communicated with Andrew Dewhirst about Christian Studies (aka C & L) at Immanuel. Andrew is concerned with several matters and has shared some of these things with me to assist with his leadership at IC over phone conversations and also at the school visit.

Some of his concerns  - lots of LIFE material being used in Year 7, little CSCF evident across the College, The Immanuel Journey has very little Christian material as it's based on a secular program, old and tired resources being used.

Another of my concerns - very little commitment to teachers completing Equip because of history of C & L coordination in previous years.

Andrew is developing connections and relationships with C & L teachers; he is great at sharing ideas, knowledge and resources. Equip will be more of a focus from 2013 as Year 7 teachers are keen to attend.


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Indigenous Education with St Martins

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 10:12am

Indigenous education has had a strong focus with St Martins.  Teachers regularly attend workshops.  After driving to Adelaide on Thursday morning a full afternoon of PD was organised.  With the support of Carolyn Fortune from AISSA we looked at the Australian Curriculum.  The secondary teachers focused on the General Capabilities and the Cross Curriculum Priorities: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.  Primary focused on the Cross Curriculum Priorities: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures with an emphasis on English and Maths.  Considering the teachers have driven all morning they were on task, willing to listen and discuss ideas.

Published by Christine Reid

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Indigenous education at Navigator

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 10:10am

Worked with staff all day, looked at curriculum development with individual teachers, Christian Studies - Indigenous spirituality and resources with the librarian.  Teachers are enthusiastic, willing to listen to new ideas.

published by Christine Reid

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Indigenous Education at Vineyard LS

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 10:07am

Meeting with Principal went well, seems to be getting on with the work, acknowledged that there was a lot to be done but trying to work his way through calmly.

Staff meeting, good interaction, on task.

Great afternoon

Posted by Christine Reid

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St Jakobi School Council - RW presentation

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 8:50pm


Visit by Rod to St Jakobi School Council - Sep 11th 2012


  • RW presented to school council re student 'one to one' computer options with particular attention to iPads for students


  • The 'Future Classroom' & Learning Models associated with innovative one to one schools
  • What can an iPad do
  • What can students and teachers do when they have a personal iPad
  • Implementation and funding models
  • Implementation timelines


  • That the school now formally investigate parent direct funding models for one to one student iPADS. 
  • That years 4-7 be initially considered. 
  • Implementation in 1st or 2nd term 2013 be considered/planned for
  • Parent meeting to be held early next term - RW to present
  • Classroom/Staff iPads to be considered asap and staff development to commence  during Term 4 2012


  • Positive discussion with common vision/goals/intent obvious
  • Council very supportive
  • iPads likely to be rolled out early 2013 - will be a significant project/outcome for the school

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AD Christian Studies visit

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 11:55am

Visit to Lobethal Lutheran School

Anne Dohnt

Met with each of the teachers. Teachers looking for leadership around teaching and learning, curriculum and ICT. Meredith Muster and Debbie Fischer are coordinating development around the Australian curriculum.

Abbie Kemp is new CS leader and settling into role. The school has had a new CS leader every year for the last four years which has meant that not a lot has happened with the ongoing development of Christian Studies. Abbie is keen to support teachers with the development of inquiry in CS. We have made a plan for the coming year in relation to staff meetings and teacher support.

Teachers are feeling a little anxious with declining enrolment and strong conservative parental voice in relation to the way Christianity is presented and other topics such as birth, bodies, etc.


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Planning Meeting - Calvary / Concordia

Thursday, September 06, 2012 10:34pm


RW, Angela Branford, Tony Shillitoe


To establish a plan for future co-operation between the two schools on the 'Closing the Word-Gap' pilot. 


  • Initial concept confirmed. Concordia year 9 or 10 students will 'adopt' a Clvary student for reading and conversation in a 'mentor' capacity and over an extended period of time - ideally a full year
  • A pilot will be established in Term 4 with a particular focus on testing both the concept and technologies required. This will likely be a 4-6 week program with a limited outcome set
  • Tony to investigate year level and students to be involved in Term 4
  • Angela to determine a group of approximately 10 students to participate in the Term 4 pilot
  • Angela/Calvary to purchase Apple TV units and ensure projection technologies in an appropriate working area at the school
  • Some training will be provided to Concordia students with regard a program that provides opportunity for Calvary Reception age students to ...
    • have a scheduled one to one reading time with 'their' mentor
    • engage in intentional conversation with their mentor to increase vocabulary and develop a social connection
    • map/record their reading and vocabulary progress
    • interact with a range of computer technologies and apps


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Visit - GSLS - Angaston (RW)

Thursday, September 06, 2012 10:06pm

Visit by RW to GSLS School Council Meeting

Tuesday 4th Sept 2012


GSLS are considering the education potential of moving to mobile computer devices to support their learning program. RW was requested to present on current trends for mobile devices with a particular focus on the possibilities that iPads present.


  • Tone of meeting and member questions was positive
  • Interesting observation re gathering - only one person in the group had any knowledge of/experience with the iPad. 
  • Steve requested that Council approve further investigation of the suitability of iPads in a one to one context at the school as well the purchase of 6 classroom/staff use iPads to inform that investigation. This was approved.
  • Since the meeting the class/student iPads have been ordered. RW to give introductory training Fri 14th Sept after school.
  • Current thoughts are to introduce direct parent funded iPads for years 4 to 6 during 2013 - if appropriate community information/satisfaction can be assured
  • Some thoughts on the elements of the planned new building in relation to one to one supported learning in an IB context was introduced. The wide passageway between classrooms in the existing area lends itself to a modern 'learning street' concept with cafe-style furniture and break-out areas for team-work etc. In addition, a re-think toward glass areas between this area and the new Resource Area development would support a degree of student flow in to group working area of the new development. Further consideration needed in conjunction with architect and staff etc

Good sense of moving forward positively.

Posted by Rod Wearn at 10:06pm

Zion Pre-School Visit - LF & RW

Thursday, September 06, 2012 9:04am

Visit: Tues 4th Sept 2012 with Kelly and Staff

Purpose of Visit:

To discuss possibilities for Zion Pre-School Centre to promote itself in the community through adopting an innovative approach to students learning with technology.


After some encouraging discussion it was decided that the Centre would move ahead with the use of iPads to support learning activities. Key points include ...

  • Budget and funds to be sourced to enable the purchase of 4-6 iPads for use by staff and students
  • Apple TV and a new large LCD/LED screen to be investigated and purchased for display of student work and learning activities
  • RW to assist in investigations and follow-up re installation and staff PD
  • Learning outcomes to be more fully developed together with staff but initial thoughts have suggested a wide range of possibilities that would both enhance learning outcomes AND provide the centre with good success stories to both directly promote and act as a catalyst for 'word of mouth'. Some suggested activities/app use include ...
    • using the video and stiils to capture and publish to parents both learning activities and 'those special missed moments'
    • using Apple TV to display student iPad learning activities immediately
    • using a wide variety of apps to enhance basic skills learning
    • using voice and video recording apps to journal learning and progress in activities such as reading, reflecting etc
    • making promotional videos that capture events such as excursions and distributing via Vimeo, BLOG, etc

RW to followup with the Centre on purchase options and support providers.

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Calvary LPS - 'Closing the Word Gap'

Sunday, September 02, 2012 10:19pm

Future Project (?) - RW

Have had initial discussions with Angela and Concordia College with regard a 'mentor' project involving Reception students at Calvary. General thoughts are ...

  • Calvary students do 'above average' at NAPLAN in Year 5 - but less well at Year 3. Angela feels that students come to the school at disadvantage due to their socio-economic 'heritage'.
  • In order to 'close the literacy gap', in particular, we have discussed how technology may assist the school in speeding up the catchup time. Can Calvary students do as well at the Year 3 test as they do in Year 5? 
  • Proposed a technology supported, ongoing and long-term project that has secondary students from Concordia College spending some time each week with Calvary Reception students. intent at this stage that the students have an ongoing relationship with a particular student - perhaps over a whole year.
  • Key activities would include listening to reading; compiling new word and troublesome word lists and general conversation.
  • Concordia to train students in these key activities eg researched development of new word lists, recording of progress with ipAd audio recording Apps etc
  • Core to the project would be two key intents. That ...
  1. Rich conversation is critical to literacy development (the '30 million word gap research - LF)
  2. If you cannot speak 'proper English' you can't write 'proper english (Ros Wilson)

To date :

  • Concordia investigating possibility of donating approx 10 iPad 1's to Calvary
  • Tony S at Concordia investigating a class or classes of students that might be involved as 'mentors'
  • Angela, Tony and Rod to meet asap to discuss/plan
  • Angela/Rod to continue to seek Telstra grant money for iPads
  • Rod to investigate technology 'possibilities'

Posted by Rod Wearn at 10:19pm

Loxton LS Visit - Rod

Sunday, September 02, 2012 9:39pm

Visit by Rod to Loxton LS - Fri 31st Aug


  • Request by Terry to discuss possibilities for the school moving to one to one.


  • Learning models / classroom practice supported by one to one computers
  • Student age/year level considerations
  • Funding models
  • Implementation timelines
  • Potential FAQ's 
  • Recommended devices


  • That the school investigate parent direct funding models for one to one computers. Fee increase (possible preferred) and ICT levy being two likely options.
  • iPads to be proposed as the device of choice pending further research as to suitability of other devices such as laptops
  • That year 4-7 be considered. Possibly introduce at year 5 as 'first steps'.
  • If fee increase is the preferred funding model, the devices may be introduced in 2013
  • If ICT levy, devices may be introduced in Term 2 2013
  • Council meeting to presented to by RW
  • 2-3 parent meetings to be held between now and end of Term 4 2012
  • Staff iPads to be purchased asap and staff development to commence  during Term 4 2012


  • Positive discussion with common vision/goals/intent obvious
  • Felt that Terry had very good learning models and intentions that seemed to be 'in tune' with the implementation of one to one devices
  • Very hopeful of a very good outcome


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Springhead Indigenous Education visit

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3:46pm

Staff meeting, minus Tori.  Most of the staff were on task but Sam was more interested in leaving exactly at 4.30 to go shopping.  He had forgotten to buy a birthday present and wanted to get to the shops before they closed.

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Good Shepherd, Indigenous Education

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3:42pm

Christine Reid, School Council visit

Steve asked me to provide the school council with the reason why having an Indigenous perspective at a school is important. 

School council members were very friendly, asked questions and seemed positive towards change.

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Our Saviour LS, Indigenous Ed visit

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3:35pm

Christine Reid, curriculum support visit

Had a very enthused group of teachers working in pairs.  Each group went through their PYP program,  Indigenous perspectives were added to enrich the teaching material being taught.  Where possible links were made to the Australian curricululm.

All teachers were positive and a pleasure to work with.

Anne is currently Acting Principal while Lin is recovering from a knee operation.

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Concordia - Stage 2 Religion Studies

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3:35pm

Stage 2 Religion Studies is being offered as an elective subject for the first time in SA Lutheran schools at Concordia. 7 students have chosen it for 2013, but more student numbers are needed. Stewart is offering this subject to other Lutheran schools as an offline subject, via the web, podcasts, online options. Has potential to link with ALC. Exciting to know this may be a reality in 2013. Sue

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NKL visits Waikerie

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3:30pm

NKLvisited Waikerie Lutheran School last  Thursday. He discussed HR and OHSW matters with Adam B.


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Cornerstone - Principal orientation

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3:26pm

25/7/12 - conducted orientation of LSA Christian Studies Officers' roles with Craig Fielke as new Principal. Sue

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Faith LC - School visit

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3:19pm

School visit 10/8/12. Encouraging developments in Year 8 CS with reinvigoration of the program and using iPads.

Investigation of  Year 12 CS programs across LSA region to refresh current course at Faith with Judi, Larry, Craig.

Interesting conversation with T & L Coordinator re Christian Studies which has implications for CS teacher recruitment.


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Waikerie Lutheran CS Visit

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3:19pm

AD: 20th August conducted a CS visit to meet with Adam Borgas (principal), Brett Fladrich (CS leader) and teachers, Steve, Geraldine and Nicole (who is contracted for Term 4 in Year 6/7). Adam, Brett and I discussed CS goals and how Brett can support teachers, especially newer teachers with Christian Studies through staff meetings and more informal conversations. We also discussed how Pathways, Spiritual will need to be completed for Steven to complete accreditation as an ALC graduate.




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Endeavour staff issue

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 2:38pm

I have met with Heather Vogt and Christian Studies teacher Tertia Visser.

There is a very deep and complex set of issues relating to the perceptions of spiritual culture at the school.




After responding back to both Heather and Tertia following my meetings, I believe that the situation is relatively under control at the moment.


Posted by Rod Wearn at 2:38pm

Concordia - Southern Barossa Support

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 8:25am

Concordia College gave significant support to Southern Barossa Child Care last week through the gift of 4 HP Desktop Computers and Monitors. In addition to the hardware the ICT team at the school imaged the computers with a clean install of Win7 and MS Office.

LSA supported SBCC in this through an initial site visit and consulatation around ICT needs as well as through negotiating the provision of the computers with Concordia.

The current computers at the Centre were in poor working order and this gift helps replace those with both newer and more functional units. However, it raises concern that ...

  • there has been no recurring budget at the Centre for ICT equipment renewal or improvement
  • there is currently no dedicated server - application and file server tasks are allocated to the reception desktop which is in a highly vulnerable location near public access
  • the database on the reception desktop holds critical data for funding that includes sensitive family information such as full contact details and financials
  • the children have no access to current technology such as iPads that could bring very real early learning outcomes and serve as a market differentiator. There are no concrete plans at this stage for the introduction and use by students of computer technology.

Support by LSA includes ...

  • discussing a strategic vision for the future of ICT at the centre
  • specifying a suitable server and network upgrade path to put a completely new and 'isolated' network server in place
  • negotiating special pricing for a new server directly with HP
  • joining the centre to the existing Microsoft schools agreement - they were unaware of benefits of this and were paying retail prices for software
  • meeting with Datacom on behalf of centre to plan server implementation

Posted by Rod Wearn at 8:25am


Friday, August 17, 2012 3:20pm

Visit re future developments and planning. Rod to make contact about potential IPad initiative for 2013.

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Angaston - GSLS Visit

Thursday, August 16, 2012 5:21pm


Reason. For Visit :

ICT Strategic Planning with Steven Seidel. Key focus for discussion on future iPad one to one project for years 4 to 7. This was a followup meeting to school visit held on 6th Aug 2012.


  • RW to present at next school council meeting
  • Steve to prepare document that outlines anticipated issues to be addressed
  • Draft timeline established for implementation of year 4/5 one to one iPads for mid 2013 (TBD by Council)
  • Key decisions discussed and rationale for learning model and device purchase commenced
  • New building project discussed in relation to how it may be able to interface with a one to one iPad project
  • 'Learning Street' concept discussed for the relatively large passage area in the main building - 'cafe-style'  team work areas with flow in to new Resource Area.

General Comments:

Good learning intentions evident. Steve appears to have a genuine desire for students to have '21st C' learning opportunities and work appropriately with staff to establish classroom practices that reflect best IB practice supported by contemporary ICT. 

Pleased that Steve appears to genuinely give permission for teachers to take risk and work with a level of 'controlled learning chaos'. There seems to be a vision for the students of GSLS having the very best learning opportunities. Getting staff to fully embrace the opportunities associated with a good curriculum supported by a one to one device remains a challenge. Most classrooms setup with desks arranged with teacher as key focus - tends to suggest that classroom practice is not currently ready for a learning-focussed one to one program.

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Waikerie ICT Visit

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 5:58am

RW visited Waikerie LPS on Friday 10th August 2012

Key reason for visit:  To consider an ICT Strategic Plan for the school and review how successful current ICT infrastructure and initiatives are. 

Background to Visit:  Some 18 months ago, working with Linda Warner, initial steps were taken to refresh ICT at the school. All ICT infrastructure at the time was at least 7 years old including server and the single classroom based suite of Windows based computers. At the time a budget of approx $8,000 was all that was available. It was clear that this was not enough to achieve any major upgrade of the server. It was proposed that the school do 'spomething quite different' with the available funds. A plan was put in place and implemented to deploy 2 Mac Laptops per classroom to facilitate multi-media creation as well as general access to computer based resources. This plan was activated for 2011 and 2 iPads per classroom were added during the year. This was considered a 'stop-gap' measure at the time but proved somewhat successful with some good learning outcomes observed.

Comments:  This visit was primarily intended to strategically consider 'what next?'. Some key points to emerge include ...

  • The school previously had ageing equipment that was reaching end of life. First visits to the school revealed that here had been very little to no budget set for ongoing maintenance and equipment renewal. At the time $8,000 was quite inadequate and it was recommended that the budget for ICT be reconsidered in future years. There have been no changes in this situation and now, some 18 months after initial visits, the school is in the same situation - even older computers and a very unrealistic $8,000 budget for 2012.
  • Given budget constraints, a one to one parent purchase program for years 4 to 7 was discussed.
  • iPad is most likely device of choice
  • Timeline:  Term 3 2012 - iPad for Classroom Teacher; Program planning and commencement in 2013 with possible deployment Sem2 2013
  • Some concerns about leadership / teacher readiness for developing a 21st C Learning environment. Adam has a key focus of 'respect' which translates to the key measure of the learning environment being classroom manageent / discipline. This seems at odds with inquiry/project/challenge base learning and has real implications for how iPads would be used in learning at the school.

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Spring Head Staff iPad 'coffee and share' Session

Wednesday, August 08, 2012 4:00pm

Rod W vsited Spring Head to participate in the first staff  'coffee, wine and a chat' session at Spring Head. It is an attempt to rethink staff training and development in relation to iPads

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Para Vista CS Visit

Monday, August 06, 2012 3:41pm

AD: Conducted CS visit to meet with David (principal), Bronwyn, (deputy) Bethany, (CS Leader) and teachers responsible for planning CS in each year level cluster.

David said the focus for the school in the upcoming year will be restructuring year levels and double streaming.

Bethany conducted a staff meeting where teachers shared how they had embedded ICT in their Christian Studies unit as follow up to the ICT and Christian Studies session Rod and Anne facilitated in January.


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First entry

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 2:39pm

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